27 Jun 2012

Music Review: Cocktail: Dance/Lounge Sugar Candy

Music: Pritam; Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

All through this techno/electro Pritam act, we seldom get the depth of reflection, but more of percussion thumps and some passing rewind takes. The new female alternatives boosts the album big time. As for pathos, the last time we heard anything sad and tunefully gloomy in heartbreak was Shankar-Ehsan-Loy's Tanhai from their gatecrashing Dil Chahta Hai (2001). 

Still you can't deny the lounge riff addiction in Tumhi Ho Bandhu as Pritam regular Neeraj Sridhar does the usual English-Hindi reprise with the welcome freshness of  Kavita Seth. Thumbs up for the dance motivation. Also sunshine is the similarly veined Daaru Desi, a guitar-synthesizer friendship number, with treated vocals. The Shalmali Kholgade vocals are the bright new thing here.Interestingly, both Seth and Kholgade's vocal texture are variants of Shipa Rao, yet quite different. 

Second Hand Jawaani has a novelty concept in its tag line and the Punjabi rhythm. Again the vocals are fresh (Neha Kakkar, Nakkash Aziz and 'Miss' Pooja) and the dance thump beats a winner. Pick of the album. Kamil's lyrics are apt here, they fit in to the ultra urban tone, wish they could have risen above the sounds like they did in Rockstar (2011).  

Yaariyan, with its boy band referenced (Green Day) percussion and guitar work has its moments in its message of holding on to friendship despite the odds, with a shadow of isolation. Mohan Kanan's lead vocals and the brief Shilpa Rao interlude sync well here. The piano-accompanied reprise of the same song is a pleasant listen, Sunidhi Chauhan does a great take on it.

Luttna, the mandatory 'Sufi' filler, an otherwise fresh take, loses steam largely in its techno background and its high-pitched chorus reprise - which can take time getting used to. Tera Naam Japdi Phiran is again dance territory, the English refrain of bad bad girl, doesn't gel with the catchy Punjabi rendition here. Frankly, it is about time we move on from wrenching dry Jugni, which gets yet another rendition here.

Main Sharaabi, the sole composition by Yo Yo Honey Singh is another Punjabi dance number for the drinking, dancing party.

A groovy album that lacks variety in concept, though half of the songs work, skimming off  the surface, singularly.

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