21 Apr 2017

Movie Review: Noor: Missing the Mark, Despite the Flavour

Noor Roy Chaudhary is a broadcast journalist into her late twenties, residing in Mumbai. Noor is still a teenager at heart, with insecurities, negativity, weight issues, sobbingly single, constantly mumbling and cribbing. Noor interviews Sunny Leone in utter boredom, yawning, sneezing on camera, thus losing her job. Looking for stories that make a difference, Noor stumbles on an organ racket story. The rest of the film crawls towards resolving this angle.

Sinha dazzles as Noor 
Sonakshi Sinha as Noor is a triumph in characterization. It is Sonakshi's endearing turn and monologues that had me invested in the movie. A Bridget Jones similarity lingers, endearingly.

The other characters are sketchy at best. Noor's childhood friends, Saad (Kanan Gill) and Zaara (Shibani Dandekar) are given successful careers, but no back stories or shades. They are omnipresent as Noor's drinking, driving, support partners, the friendship needed more flesh.

Ayan's pivotal character (Purab Kohli) begs for detailing, considering his actions. Manish Chaudhari as Shekhar Das is another unelaborated role.

No Stand Out Moments 
Despite the first hour breeziness, Keiko Nakahara's aptly diluted cinematography, contemporary chitchat, Noor is weighed down by its pace and lack of a core idea. It stands up as Noor's life journal but barely registers as an uneven mix of drama, coming of age tale and attempted social thriller.

Director Sunhil Sippy gives us moments of laughter and cheer but falters in championing justice. A light-hearted comedy would have done, or a complete journalist-as-heroine thriller. It stands up as neither.

Noor largely ends up as underwhelming. This, despite the well-written, Mumbai, you are killing me monologue. Social media fame as a movie climax doesn't connect as much as human interaction does. Watch it for Sonakshi Sinha's mercurial talent in a sluggish, but well-intended film. Sinha as Noor surely has great film potential. Probably Sippy can do better in a sequel. Noor 2, anyone?

Noor is based on Pakistani journalist Saba Imtiaz's novel Karachi, You're Killing Me! 

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